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  溫州市宏宇閥門制造有限公司是集科技、生產、貿易為一體的不銹鋼閥門專業制造廠家fg电子_fg电子官网,先后從國外引進高新技術與設備、依靠自身的科技資源、集鑄造、加工、銷售為一體fg电子_fg电子官网,素有不銹鋼閥門總匯之稱。主要產品有不銹鋼法蘭閘閥fg电子_fg电子官网,球閥、截止閥、閘閥、止回閥、旋塞閥、底閥、放料閥 fg电子_fg电子官网、保溫閥、過濾器、氧氣閥及手動電動、氣動、蝸輪傳動,國標、美標fg电子_fg电子官网、日標fg电子_fg电子官网、德標、特殊非標等系列閥門。產品公稱通徑DN6-500mm,公稱壓力PN6-160Mpa、1502-600lb、6-40Kfg电子_fg电子官网,閥體材質:P、Rfg电子_fg电子官网、304fg电子_fg电子官网、321、316fg电子_fg电子官网、304L、316L、C4等,適用介質:酸、堿、鹽、水、蒸氣、煤氣、油品等。產品廣泛應用于石油、化工、化肥、冶煉、電力fg电子_fg电子官网、水力、建筑、釀酒、造紙、醫藥等行業?,F企業擁有閥體涸溶熱處理fg电子_fg电子官网、噴砂fg电子_fg电子官网、化學硅溶膠、酸洗、化學成份分析,超聲波測厚儀,硬度測試,力學性能試驗等先進工藝。

  Wenzhou Hongyu Valves Manufacture Co.,Ltd. is specialized stainless steel manufacturer whichintegrate technology, production with trade. Depending on its technological resource with the title of stainless valve sylloge all along, the company has introduced high and new technology and equipment from abroad and specializes in foundry, processing and distribution. Main products include: ball valves, disconnecting valves, brake valves, check valves, plug valves, bottom valves, material discharging valves, insulated valves, filters, oxygen valves as well as a series of valves of manual, electric, pneumatic, worm wheel drive and of GB,ANSI、API,JIS,DIN,non-standard valves. The nominal diameter of product is DN6-500mm and nominal pressure is PN6-160MPa、150-600lbfg电子_fg电子官网、6-40k. Valve body material include Pfg电子_fg电子官网、R、304、321、304L、C4 and so on. Applicable medium includes acid, alkali, salt, water, vapour, gas and oil products. These products are widely applied to industries such as petroleum, chemical engineering, fertilizer, smelting, electric power, water power, construction, wine making, paper manufacture and medicine. Currently the company has advanced techniques including solution heat treatment, abrasion blasting, chemical silicasol, acid cleaning, chemical content analysis, ultrasonic thickness meter, hardness testing and mechanical properties test.
Our company is deeply praised by users because of long production history of valves, advanced equipments, superior technology, rich experience and reliable quality. In order to explore the markets at home and abroad, our company develops new products with great concentration and peRfect after-sales service. It is our desire to offer good quality products for users by insisting on the objective of "survival on quality and exploring markets by credit". New and old customers are sincerely welcome to visit us for guidance or negotiation.

  We invite agents all over the countyr to cooperate with us hand in hand for jointly creating brigh future!

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